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Pure Encapsulations

Increase in conversion rate by implementing a digital ad campaign throughout 2023

The Challenge

Pure Encapsulations has a key differentiator, or as the brand has called it: The Pure Difference, a concept that highlights the clean origin of its ingredients and its unique formula, free from unnecessary additives. This is a great starting point, however, we found some challenging key factors in the digital assessment process we ran:

1. Market and messaging saturation: there are not only a lot of competitors in the supplement landscape, but also numerous brands popping up with similar messages, making it more difficult to position Pure Encapsulations as the leader.

2. Lack of UGC: human imagery was very low, making it more difficult for people to connect with the brand from an aspirational and lifestyle point of view.

3. Science first is not always the best: idealistic content like morning routines or recipes tends to capture more user attention during the awareness phase than scientific and in-depth pieces of information.

4. Canadian regulations: the stringent rules to market this kind of product make messaging and imagery harder to craft.

The Solution

Having in mind the digital audit we ran for the brand, we created a social media strategy with five main points:

  1. Consistency across channels.
  2. Thoughtful and purposeful content.
  3. High-quality visuals.
  4. Clear and concise copywriting.
  5. Effective Community Management.

The Outcome

The campaign accomplished its goals of increasing the Pure Encapsulations website traffic, consolidating the brand among online local users, and setting the foundation to implement this process again in the future, focusing on other KPIs like lead conversion or sales increase.