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You Are You Apparel

BottomLine delivers key opportunities to maximize market share and gain more brand awareness.

The Problem

Our Impact Assessment process uncovered through market research that YAY’s target market loved the simplicity to navigate YAY’s website and connected to the variety of models, quality of materials, fit, and locally made philosophy.

However, the target market wanted more variety in product offerings, all product information to be readily available on the website, and the ability to mix and match pieces.

Additionally, BottomLine identified that the website copy (product descriptions) and product photos didn’t reflect the fun, playful tone of the overall brand. This created a mismatch between the YAY brand and the persona being presented through their products.

The Solution

After conducting our Strategic Planning Session and Impact Assessment, including customer journey mapping and market research, BottomLine was able to deliver key opportunities to maximize market share and gain more brand awareness.

Our team suggested that YAY:

  • Define clear & measurable KPIs to monitor success
  • Create memorable branding that has consistency throughout all aspects of online presence
  • Develop website optimization that provides all information and serves an omnichannel audience
  • Write an SEO strategy that targets the key audience and taps into their values
  • Define a social media strategy with engaging content to capture new audiences and build a loyal community
  • Build customer touchpoints that think outside of the box to build personal connections

The Outcome

We delivered clear next steps for YAY Apparel, which outlined growth opportunities and customer research insights to help YAY focus in on the areas that would drive the most results. Using this, YAY left with an action plan and “homework,” including tactics for conducting further psychological research, developing detailed buyer personas, and observing their target market in everyday life.

In addition, YAY was given direction on creating meaningful touchpoints that will streamline processes, show the ‘why’ behind the brand, develop community connections, and create measurable KPIs and goals for success.

It was also identified that participating in community events would be an inexpensive and easy way for YAY to span the 3 key consumer touchpoints (awareness building, retail, and consumer experience spaces). Branded booth/tent, table signage, sandwich boards, pricing guides, ready-to-buy product and an enter-to-win contest survey was suggested, with posts on social media to look for YAY at upcoming events and an events page on their

Using these tactics, YAY has a defined way forward for growing their business in a way that will resonate with their current customers while also attracting and retaining new ones.