for growth-driven brands.


achieve but the path to getting

there isn’t linear.

That's where
research comes in.


Master Plan


‘throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks’ marketing.

It’s our proprietary research process that
lays the foundation for the strategic work
we do for you.


Having a vision for the business is essential to growth, and requires far more than just passion and grit. With insights as your lighthouse, your focus is on what matters most: building a resilient challenger brand.


Having a vision for the business is essential to growth, and requires far more than just passion and grit. With insights as your lighthouse, your focus is on what matters most: building a resilient challenger brand.


We create and execute a plan that capitalizes on key opportunities and gives you newfound energy to harness your corner of the market.

Far beyond pages of notes and a handful of loose suggestions,
An Insight2Impact Master Plan includes:

An in-depth understanding of customer buying triggers, paired with tactics that inspire action.

A black-and-white picture of what is and isn’t working, both in marketing and in business.

Objective insights on your brand’s market position and how to set yourself apart from competitors.

Solid strategies that support your biggest business ambitions (like 1.5x revenue growth).


from now on,the only

decisions you make are

informed ones.


We worked with BottomLine to understand our target audience. They did a great job identifying our buying personas and suggesting key elements for our branding and packaging to appeal to our target demographics.

They also helped us build our website, providing their insight and expertise to create a user-friendly experience for site visitors. They were able to materialize what we envisioned and always went above and beyond to ensure we were happy with the end product.

BottomLine was a key partner during the research, implementation, and execution for our new brand’s marketing strategy. Thank you again BottomLine!

We have been dealing with BottomLine for several years now, on a complete restructuring of our marketing plans, including a new website and social media platforms. They have been thorough and detailed in their research of our unique industry and completely adaptable to the specific advertising requirements of our regulatory board. They were quick to respond to questions or concerns that we had.

The team has been very responsive in suggesting changes along the way as deemed necessary by market responses to the new formats. They were progressive in suggesting new avenues when other avenues failed to work in our industry, and were always on top of the analytics and could explain in black and white what was and wasn’t working. When you think that there can’t be anything else to bring to the table, they pull another rabbit out of the hat.

Excited to see where the next years take us on this journey. Highly recommend the team at BottomLine if you are looking for a new marketing plan.

We knew what we were going to build and what our customers were going to use it for, but we did not have a clear vision of who our customers were. The BottomLine team listened to us and created a plan that would lead us to everything (and more) that we needed. BottomLine came back to us with well defined customer groups and what motivated them, a deck of market intel about our targets, how customers will see our company and a detailed path to increase customer engagement. A major part of our market is expected to be repeat business from existing customers.
Throughout our Impact Assessment BLM first off helped further build on our system and processes, and worked with our team to prepare us to better introduce and implement our new proprietary process for our customers. We developed a further plan for implementation and also developed a series of infographic videos, blogs, newsletters, client video testimonials and other content to help educate our current, previous and new customers. The goal being to keep them engaged on a more regular basis, and in a stronger way. These are a few examples of things they have done to improve how we reach and speak to our target audiences and overall has had a huge impact for our business.

BottomLine always delivers beyond our expectations. Their team is highly skilled and creative, delivering top quality, fresh and innovative ideas and concepts that resonate with our audiences. They care deeply for their clients and that shines through in all interactions. They engage in a genuine way, always open and transparent about their process and recommendations. We can count on their team to deliver an exceptional campaign or product and we are never disappointed.

We have very much enjoyed working with the BottomLine team. Everyone takes a genuine interest in learning the specifics and nuances of our business, which is very important not only to us and building our relationship but also in ensuring the outcomes are hitting the mark with our target customers (which are somewhat unique to a “typical” market). They have been versatile and flexible as things have evolved and always excited to be part of our growth. The work that BottomLine has done for us has been critical in developing not only our go to market message that is external facing but has also helped us focus and refine our internal messaging and “rally cry”. This has created a consistent message within the marketplace, which is also being well received, but also resulted in a unifying force throughout our organization.

Brenda Beckedorf

Executive Director, Alberta IoT

Gerri Nykyforuk

Manager, BNA Debt Solutions

Phil Craine

Strategic Marketing, Vermillion Power Technologies

Corey Brannon

President, C Brannon Construction

Debbie Hammond

Executive Director, Safer Roads Alliance

Wilson Acton

Chief Commercial Officer, Verge Agriculture