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In the past few years, an emerging market has opened for ready-to-cook meal deliveries in Calgary, with numerous businesses promising regular delivery of fresh and easy to cook meals to your door. The idea is catchy because, when done right, it eliminates the dreaded question of “what are we going to have for dinner tonight?”, along with the desire to order takeout.

One of the players that has caught the eye of the BottomLine team is Bessie Box, who are unique due to their mission, which is: By Alberta, For Alberta. That means all of the meat going into their meal deliveries are locally sourced, essentially connecting the consumer with the producer with very little in between.

So how does an emerging player take on some of the bigger names in the business, and win? Earlier this month, our founder, Lisa Genovese took the opportunity to sit down with the Bessie Box team to talk about their goals, mission, future plans and their unique positioning in the Alberta market.

“Knowing your customer, doing the customer discovery, and just talking to your customers…it’s such a simple thing, but knowing their pain points and what they like has been our biggest lesson” – Shanika Abeysinghe, Bessie Box

If you’re looking to supercharge your meal planning with homegrown, locally sourced Alberta Beef, check out

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