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Today, CMOs and marketing directors are expected to provide quantifiable evidence to prove that their marketing campaigns are actually adding profit to the company. And we couldn’t agree more because marketing campaigns are investments. Like any smart investment, these campaigns have to be measured, monitored, and compared to ensure that your budget is being allocated wisely.

Marketing is one of the single most important investments a business can make. It is the way you drive new business. Yet it’s one of the first things a company cuts back on in hard economic times because most companies lack proper measuring tools for ROI and statistical areas of improvement.

The simplest way to measure your ROI is:

Return – Investment

Measuring your marketing ROI is a must, because solid numbers ensure you’re focusing your efforts on the campaigns that are working for your business, and adjusting or discarding the ones that aren’t. Just like investment statements, ROI tracking tells you exactly how well it’s working for your business, and what statistics the campaign has improved for the company.

Here at BottomLine Marketing, calculating marketing ROI is a huge part of the marketing process we set for each client. We determine exactly what results we want to improve with each campaign we plan. By knowing exactly what we want to target, we can measure how effective we are at every stage of the campaign. With a strategic plan in place, we are able to increase the amount of website traffic, email captures, or followers. We get results, and we can show you exactly how and why those results are working for you.

If you’re worried about your ROI, or still not measuring your marketing campaigns, let us help. Stop wasting money and start making an important investment in your company.  We can make sure you’re investing your money in exactly the right way.  Call us today at 403-464-7554, so we can talk about how we can improve your ROI!