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If you’re thinking about launching a new product or expanding into new markets – we suggest conducting thorough research and developing a tailored strategic plan to ensure a successful launch.

When expanding your offering, you’ll need to validate whether or not your new audience actually wants what you’re selling. We see this all the time – brands assuming what sold well in one market will behave similarly in another. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. New products and markets have unique needs, distinctive audiences, and different considerations. That’s why conducting a market validation study is important, it gives brands the confidence they need to launch. Once you’ve validated your offering – you’ll need to figure out how to reach your target market best. Through research, we can position your product and develop messaging that cuts through the noise. Our team is adept in branding and message testing, as well as building strategic go-to-market plans that include both retail and traditional marketing plans.

We recently built a go-to-market strategy utilizing research and key insights for our client in the pharmaceutical & nutraceutical space. Armed with information and data, our team was able to help build a strategy to confidently move forward with the launch of their new value product line. Take a peek at our whitepaper where we dive into the results of our research.

In the right hands, data and numbers take another form – one that’s a powerful engine for marketing success, brings clarity to how a brand presents itself, and positions a company as a leader among competitors. Knowing your customers, their needs and their motivators gives you a firm grasp of where you stand in the market. Leverage research to establish a strong standing in the 5 Impact Pillars and compel customers to act.

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