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Yes, we often talk about marketing here, but wherever you find marketing, sales is not that far away

Honestly, it would be silly for us to approach our work with our clients through the narrow lens of typical advertising, especially since marketing’s main purpose is to contribute to the larger organizational objectives

So while you’re building a lead machine that feeds your sales funnel, here are some tips to refine the other side of the equation. 

What your sales process should include

Time to understand if they’ve added staff or let staff go recently. 

Taking the time to evaluate their organizational structure gives us a good picture into whether there may be issues inside the organization operationally or if they’re growing rapidly.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

We’re tellin’ you right now – it’s worth the money. Leveraging LinkedIn’s sales function saves us time when searching out prospects and staying on top of their updates so we can stay in touch in a meaningful way. 

Virtual Coffee or Zoom Call.

The first ‘real’ engagement we have with a prospect is a virtual coffee. This helps us to get to know our prospect on a more personal level and BottomLine’s representative, can gauge if they are the right fit for us (and vice versa!)

Leverage personal networks. 

Many of the organizations that we cross paths with are fantastic places to meet new people, both for sales and simply as new professional acquaintances. We work closely with organizations like Alberta IoT, Women Presidents Organization (WPO), and WeConnect. Clients usually come from referrals so it’s best to tap into those genuine personal connections and people from within our circles. 

Strengthen connections and stay in touch with them. Who knows? They might have a client for us someday! 

Utilize Hubspot (CRM)

As a robust CRM tool, Hubspot helps us stay organized, keep records, manage our pipeline effectively, track activities & store contact info. Not only does this just eliminate our stress, but it creates a foundation for a much smoother and, honestly, genuine relationship with our prospective clients. 

Take a step back

We dive into all of this when we complete an Impact Assessment for a client: 

  • What is the typical buying journey for the customer? 
  • Where are the sticking points in your sales process? 
  • What are your competitors doing differently?

Understand what your sales process needs with research

We’d love to help you take your new ambitions and make them a reality. If you’re looking to improve your brand strategy and sales process, let’s talk.