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Persall Fine Foods is a vertically-integrated, value added food company that is nearing 15 years old. It’s a family business rooted deeply in their 4th generation Ontario farm that is focused on supplying fresh, quality ingredients to consumers and businesses right across Canada.

Persall Fine Foods, (and its cooking oil-focused offshoot Pristine Gourmet) is a field-to-fork operation that allows chefs both amateur and professional to have a strong knowledge of where their ingredients are coming from, allowing them to cook with confidence.

Our president Lisa Genovese had the opportunity to speak with Persall Fine Foods President Jason Persall to find out more about their business, how the pandemic has affected their operation, and to answer the burning question: what does “virgin” mean when it comes to cooking oil?

The Persall team has some exciting projects on the horizon. If you’re looking to learn more about the Pristine Gourmet line of cooking oils and supplies, you can visit them on the web, Instagram and Twitter.