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When you want accurate information quickly for your marketing strategy, a focus group is your best bet. Why? Because a focus group, when selected properly, is a targeted group of individuals that best represent the clients of a business. These people are brought together for an in-depth discussion about the business, its products, or its services. Unlike polls and surveys, focus groups offer accurate feedback in real time. They are fast, efficient, and effective.

Companies that use focus groups can efficiently learn:

  • How their clients perceive their brand
  • How their target market thinks
  • The purchasing habits of their clients
  • The best way to create a solution for a particular issue

From the data collected in focus group discussions, a businesses can easily formulate effective marketing strategies to engage with their clients to buy their products or services, or generate ideas to solve an issue, in the best way possible.

The keys to running an effective focus group is to:

  • Find the right people that properly reflect the target audience
  • Ask the right questions to collect appropriate data
  • Have a moderator that can spark a discussion and clarify answers where necessary
  • Compile the data, so it can be used effectively

Focus groups are the best way to create strategic marketing plans. If you want to get real marketing results for your business, BottomLine Marketing can help! Call us at 403-464-7559 for more information.