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Just like your own personality and that of your favourite TV show character that makes you laugh uncontrollably… Your brand has a unique persona, too.

So, why are you drawn to some personalities while you avoid others like that party you have to go to in your 30’s? Well, when you connect with a person on a deeper level and feel like they get you, you want to stick around, right?
The same is true for your brand.


Your business’s tone of voice reflects your brand’s personality, helps you connect with your audience and ensures that you stand out from the rest. More specifically, it describes how your brand communicates with your audience and influences how people receive your messaging.


If you need help defining your brand’s tone of voice, you first need to ask yourself: who is my audience? A deep understanding of your target market and strategic language choice is paramount if you want to create a genuine connection with them. Much like everything in marketing… it’s not about you. It’s all about connecting with your ideal customer.

So, who is your ideal customer? Take time to research their gender, age, interests, pain points, desires, education, occupation and identify which generation they fall into.

For example, it’s no secret that there’s a huge gap between millennials and baby boomers and how marketers should target each generation. Different generational audiences = different communication styles and content preferences.

Remember: always keep your business’s values and ideal customer in mind. Would your prospect relate to or connect with this type of messaging? Does this avenue of messaging align with your values? What overall image do you want to portray?


Once you’ve nailed your brand’s unique tone of voice, the main thing to remember is consistency. You’ll want to ensure that you’re consistent in all areas of your online presence including your website, your emails, social media platforms, even your Instagram bio.

Consistency is key if you want to get that coveted recognition that allows your audience to spot you a mile away just by your wording and unique voice. In fact, the most successful brands are spotted by their audiences using words alone – even without logos, images or brand colours present. Can you think of a time when you recognized a brand just by text? That’s a great example of a strong tone of voice utilized strategically.

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