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How research shaped our business:

The BottomLine story

Purpose, passion, and curiosity have been the main drivers throughout our 12-year journey. With research on our side, evolution is no longer a challenge, it’s an opportunity that must be seized. Read more to know about our journey and the important lessons we’ve picked up along the way.

The first hint of inspiration

Our journey started in 2011, when a visionary marketing entrepreneur and our current president, Lisa Genovese, created a business dedicated to helping companies grow. From planning and programming to writing content and designing, everyone was committed to opening a digital space to a lot of small businesses. Because, no matter their size, all of those first clients shared our vision and recognized the potential of cultivating a robust online presence that would serve as a rock-solid foundation for their growth plans.

After several years of collaborating with a diverse pool of businesses, a crucial question emerged that would alter the course: What distinguishes a small business from a larger one? What is the fundamental pillar that allows one company to grow, while others stay the same?

Finding the right answer

Having in mind all the experience in marketing strategy we have developed, we ran a one-year study to find out answers to our business growth questions. In this process, a lot of factors came to mind as possible explanations: access to capital, expansion opportunities, marketing budgets, business location, quality of the products, etc. However, what truly reshaped our perspective and confirmed a longstanding hunch was this revelation: a successful marketing campaign depends on a well-crafted strategy, and a strategy thrives on thorough research.

This meticulous journey of deep exploration turned out to be a significant part of the solution itself: research is indispensable in every growth process. And from that analysis process, our signature service was born: the Impact Assessment.

The five impact pillars

In our research to find out what is needed to go from a small business to a big legacy brand, we identified five key factors that shaped and guided our Impact Assessment process:

  • Remarkability: What is extraordinary about the product or service? What is that unique thing that sets you apart from the competence?
  • Greater Purpose: Why does the organization exist? (from an aspirational point of view).
  • Value: Where does the brand bring real value to your customer’s life?
  • Brand attachment: What creates affection, connection, and passion between the brand and its customers?
  • Immersive experience: How is your business involved in everyday aspects of your customer’s life?

By evaluating these aspects using a data-driven approach, we were able to establish a new philosophy, standing up against the traditional “throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks” marketing:

We exist to challenge conventional marketing beliefs and help those fueled by grit to truly make a meaningful impact. We aren’t afraid to push boundaries and dive into uncharted territory, if that’s what it takes to deliver the right strategy for growth.

At BottomLine, we live fearlessly, authentically, and passionately, just like our clients.

What we have learned down the road

After finding the importance of research and establishing a more solid purpose, we are certain that the only constant for us is to keep evolving. Every new challenge and every eye-opening question has taught us something valuable that improves our methods and fuels our desire to dive deeper. And if we were to pinpoint the most impactful lessons we have learned so far, these top three rise to the forefront:

  • Every business is unique, so having flexible tools is a must: One of the main values of our Impact Assessment process and all of our services, in general, is their adaptability, allowing them to be implemented in any type of business and industry. Understanding the particularities of each client is always a priority for our team and the seed that cultivates a truly successful data-driven strategy.
  • Profit is not all, creating impact is our true goal: From the very beginning, we have been surrounded by visionary clients who seize the opportunity to dive deep in order to grow their businesses and reach new goals. This is why, when a new brand approaches us, we are not guided by numbers or profit, but more by heart and purpose. Working with challengers and changemakers is what truly inspires us.
  • Objectivity leads to success: Research involves challenging our own beliefs and experiences as well. This is why we are always pushing and examining our strategies and proposals, scrutinizing them against our own biases. This practice allows us to maintain an open mind towards the data and insights we discover, giving us the space to think strategically and generate innovative ideas.

After this deep dive into our journey, it’s time for you to experience the power of research. Let’s take the next step and see how you can enhance your business results with research-backed strategies and a team of experts ready to assist you. Get in contact with us here.