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We have found that many of the best campaigns encompass both Calgary internet marketing, but also traditional advertising as well. We were able to deliver huge results for one of our clients by using a strategy that included both digital and traditional media. Read below for some more information on how we did it!

The Client:
The client was a land development company in Calgary, Canada that had just opened the second phase of their community. They hired us for being one of the best advertising agencies in Calgary and we hoped we could deliver the same results for them, that we have for other clients.

The Client’s Unique Edge:
They worked with high-end builders to provide quality homes, built with green materials and environmental preservation in mind. The community offered picturesque views,preserved green areas, and the comfort of country living with all the amenities offered in the city.

The Goal:
To drive traffic to the website, and into the showhomes, to improve new home sales.

Our Approach:
The client’s current digital marketing strategy lacked specific targeting. They were getting no conversions from their landing pages, traffic to the site was poor, and they lacked an email marketing campaign.We would conduct primary and secondary research to fully define the target audience’s wants and needs, then build a full strategy to support it.

Our Two Surprising Finds:
Our primary market research revealed that most of the home owners already living in the community had families and dogs. Further, our interviews with potential clients also supported this demographic. We would focus our campaign specifically on these demographics.

By conducting surveys, we found that the prospective new home owners wanted to be able to download floor plans to review. We would use this knowledge to capture emails to support our email marketing campaign.

The Rest of the Research, Recommendations and Actions:
Based on the primary and secondary research findings, we clearly defined the target market. We would focus on growing families who were ready to upgrade their homes,and we would add in a dog element where possible in the creative materials.

The client’s underperforming landing pages, low traffic numbers to the website and into the showhomes, were the combined result of inappropriate targeting, and lacking a complementary marketing strategy, across a variety of platforms. While they had digital assets, as well as print and radio ads, they were treated as separate entities rather than complementary resources, and the poorly targeted copy created little to no interest in the community, as shown by the lack of performance in landing pages, and traffic into the show homes.

We proposed to create a combined strategy, with an eye to creating longevity for the fully integrated marketing campaign.

The first step was to revise all the creative initiatives, and focus them toward the newly defined target market. All creative designs would now include families, and some families featured with dogs. We also created designs that showed the assets of living in this community, based on what our primary and secondary research revealed as important to these growing families.

Next, we extended the marketing funnel to include initial ads, retargeting ads, email capture, social media, and an email and newsletter campaign.

The third step was to plan an event showcasing the new show homes. This would be supported with radio, local magazine ads, digital ads (with continual split testing), hand delivered invitations to the general area, social media, and an email campaign. Our campaign would launch two weeks before the event to support the Grand Open.

Finally, after the event we would continue to support their marketing with digital ads,print and radio ads, as well as email marketing.

The Results:
The new campaign had extremely positive results. Here is what happened within sixweeks of starting the campaign.

The event had a 400% increase in traffic, as compared to other events executed by the client. Many of the attendees even showed up to the event with their dogs! This specifically showed that the targeted marketing definitely hit an emotional cord with these prospective home buyers. After the event, the show homes continued to get above average traffic, as compared to other communities the client supports, because of the integrated campaign.

Traffic from the landing pages to the website saw a 600% increase in traffic.

Social media engagement improved 7000% and their reach increased 9900%.

Open rates on the emails and newsletters reached, and still maintain, viewing rates between 48.32-69.57%. Which is vastly greater than the average for this industry, which is 16.44%.

And the result that made the client extremely appreciative of our services – in the four weeks following the event, they sold 5 homes resulting in $3.5 million in sales. The client directly attributed these sales to our marketing initiatives.

How did we do it?
By combining both inbound and outbound marketing strategies we were able to deliver these kind of results. We have a handy little infographic that outlines some of the best ways to leverage inbound and outbound marketing together.

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