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Since its creation in 2006, Twitter has transformed from a personal messaging platform to a mass media channel with a reach of millions across the globe. With a monthly active user rate of nearly 320 million, there is no doubt that Twitter offers businesses a powerful megaphone on which they can trump the greatness of their brands.

In this era of digital marketing, Twitter is a useful and inexpensive tool that companies can use to connect with their customers and grow their base 140 characters at a time. However, whether companies are truly leveraging the platform to boost brand awareness continues to be a running debate.

Considering all its improvements and growing list of advantages, here’s how companies can leverage Twitter for impact:

#Longer Tweets = more space for hashtags

Twitter recently yielded to user-demand by allowing longer tweets and as such adding links, videos, photos and other multimedia content no longer add to the character count. This gives marketers more room to throw in a hashtag or two.

The fact is, hashtags are a must in Twitter marketing as they not only organize your tweets under one thread, but they are also, among other things:

  • A good tool for audience targeting:
  • They help to drive more eyes to your tweets;
  • They can be used to monitor the activities of your competitors and what is happening in the industry as a whole;
  • And, importantly they can help you keep track of what people are saying about your brand considering that branding is a two-way process.

#Brand Visibility

Brand visibility is significant and, in the context of digital marketing, no web presence means you really do not exist or are as invisible as the wind. But Twitter allows you to feed your followers bite-size bits of information about your brand in real time, thus increasing awareness. This is a powerful demonstration of the adage ‘less is more’. Take into consideration also that 82 per cent of monthly Twitter users (according to an Adweek report) actively engage with companies/brands on the platform.

#Ads that convert

A study showing that a large majority of Twitter users influence the buying habits of those around them is reason enough to consider the platform a necessary advertising medium. Twitter offers objective-based campaigns, depending on your business need. For example, you can use different campaign formats to drive traffic to your site, increase your following, maximize awareness, or build engagement.

#Analytics matter

And yes, you can measure the impact of your activities on Twitter. You can test whether your content is a hit with your audience and if at all it is impacting the growth of your business with the highly efficient Twitter Analytics. After all, any true marketer would want to see a breakdown of their Twitter engagement stats, including retweets, favorites, replies and detail expands.

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