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At BottomLine, we are passionate about the Canadian cannabis industry. We believe that our country can be a world leader in everything from retail and marketing strategies to research and development.

But how do we make it happen?

After the initial gold rush mentality wore off in the post-legalization haze, the industry has found itself with a series of growing pains. We wanted to cut through doom-and-gloom headlines to get straight to the hearts and minds of industry leaders to truly find out the current state of the cannabis business, and where it needs to go.

Our journey was a fascinating one. By talking to a wide cross-section of the business, we were able to gain some valuable insights on where the industry is sitting and where it needs to go, and we’ve packaged it together in a free and easy-to-read infographic.

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Oh, Cannabis! Webinar

On June 3rd, 2021 – BottomLine and LoKnow held the “Oh, Cannabis!” webinar where Lisa Genovese and Gabriela Domanico discussed the current state of the Canadian cannabis market. For those who missed it, you can catch up by watching this video!

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