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In any business, or operation, there’s ways you can maximize your time, effort and inputs. You can make sure your equipment and tools are up to date and optimal for the task at hand. You can ensure your work space is safe, and suitable to your needs. We can perform regular maintenance and updates on everything from vehicles, to servers to new phones and computers, but what about the most valuable asset within our organization: our people?

Enter Stoke Growth. Led by Phalan and Rich Grof, Stoke Growth helps leaders to grow their businesses without burning out. They work as coaches and advisors to help teams better understand how their colleagues and clients work, and how they can optimize their personalities for success, all with an eye towards organic growth and retention.

Stoke Growth’s methods have been very influential to BottomLine, and we’re proud to not only call them colleagues, but also friends. Using the personality-driven Kolbe test, Stoke Growth has helped our team to build a strong foundation to better serve our clients and be the best team mates we can be.

Recently our President, Lisa Genovese had a great conversation with Phalan Grof about their work, and how they are helping businesses navigate the COVID roller coaster. Phalan offers up some incredible insights for leaders and team members alike, and we highly encourage you to take some time out of your day to have a listen to Phalan’s tips in team building, leadership and getting the most out of their team.

During this tumultuous time, we’re all looking to tighten up on our bottom line, however the Stoke Growth team helps you to minimize major staffing costs due to high turnover, stress leave and low productivity.

If you’re interested in talking to Phalan and Rich about their offering, we encourage you to reach out to Stoke Growth and start building your team up the right way.