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UNDRCARD boxing studio is taking Calgary by storm. By utilizing a mix of traditional boxing techniques in an active group setting and adding in elements of skateboard, snowboard and surfing culture with a vibrant hip-hop club vibe, it’s founders are presenting a new type of workout for an active generation.

Started in Calgary, with a location in Toronto and plans for a nationwide expansion, BottomLine’s President Lisa Genovese had the opportunity to speak with Joanna Magik, Co-founder, Brand and Experience Director at UNDRCARD boxing studio.

Q: What is UNDRCARD boxing studio?

JM: UNDRCARD boxing studio provides a platform for people to find their breakthrough. We use boxing workouts to allow people to be champions in their daily lives. Daily movement is critical. It’s so important to lead an active life, and this is all about maximizing the time we have on earth. We encourage people to take the skills they learn with us and apply them to their daily lives.

We went with an unconventional name for our business, even though it’s hard to name drop or google, to be unique but to also pay tribute to boxing’s roots and celebrate that underdog story or “come up”. The undercard is the fight before the main event, and you’re hustling to be the better version of yourself.

We launched in Calgary in 2016, and it’s a concept that we developed through my background in action sports like snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing. It’s rooted in rebel culture and arts and culture.

Q: What’s your biggest lesson learned?

A balance between planning and not planning! Speaking from the marketing side, you absolutely have to plan, but you have to pivot quickly, so if something comes up in pop culture, or locally, or with your audience, you have to be ready to adapt and stay on top of it. It’s like riding a wave. You have to be very involved and nimble, but you also have to stay in your lane. You have to be very aware and true to your brand. Stay true but don’t stay put!

Q: You say “our guests” instead of “our customers”. Why do you say it that way?

We used to say “clients” or “customers” but it sounded so transactional and it took away from the purpose from the experience. Guest fits better with our atmosphere, and we try to treat and host everyone who comes in as a guest. With “customer”, your brain goes to a certain behaviour. “Guest” sounds more welcoming.

Q: What are you most scared of?

A: I think when you need to make a big change in your business, I worry that it will be the unravelling of the business, and I imagine myself two years down the road looking back at the decision in front of us and regretting it. Thinking of those things is stressful to any entrepreneur, because the little things really matter.

Q: What’s the next big thing for UNDRCARD?

A: Our goals include complete national expansion in the next two years in large Canadian markets, and duplicate locations in the markets we are already in. Toronto is our next studio to open, and our strategy to go fully national is to roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Joanna and the UNDRCARD team are the definition of a Challenger Brand that is punching above their weight class- literally! We love their attitude and their ability to harness the underdog attitude to chase explosive growth.





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