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It’s an often-dreaded word among business owners. You know it’s something you need to do, but the who, what, when, where, and why of marketing can leave even the most dedicated business professionals wondering.

Sure, marketing is about updating your social media accounts, sending out emails, and handing out coupons. But, it’s about much more than that.

It’s about Marketing with Impact.

This seemingly simple concept is what will take your marketing strategy to the next level, and it’s exactly what we do here at BottomLine Marketing.

What does it mean to Market with Impact? It means:

  • Being remarkable
  • Having a greater purpose
  • Knowing your value
  • Having attachable qualities
  • Knowing the emotional quality of your brand
  • Having an immersive brand experience

Knowing and understanding these concepts is one thing. Putting them into practice is quite another. Sometimes, the only way to truly understand a complex idea is to see it in action.

We’ve had the privilege to collaborate with and interview some amazing companies that are marketing with impact every single day using two of the items on our list—being remarkable and having a greater purpose.

On being remarkable

What does it mean to be remarkable? Well, according to the dictionary, it means “worthy of being or likely to be noticed, especially as being uncommon or extraordinary”. That sounds great, but what does it really mean?

For Fratello Coffee, it means taking the extra time to make sure they have an unforgettable product. That’s no easy task in a world that’s full of coffee makers looking to make their mark. How do they do this? They do it by going beyond the bean.

Fratello coffee ethically sources their coffee beans, and they work directly with growers. This enables them to develop amazing coffees with unique flavor profiles.

That’s not all. They go even further by considering themselves advocates for the coffee industry. They work hard to elevate coffee culture, turning their little corner of the market into something truly remarkable.

They aren’t the only ones we’ve profiled who have this whole remarkability thing down. Ryan Murphy Construction is another business that’s remarkable, and they’re even more so because they’re leaders in an industry that’s full of contractors who are a dime a dozen.

Not only is this unique construction company run by women, Lara and Karen run it using a community-based model. They take the time and effort to work closely, not only with their clients, but with their architects, designers, and trade partners. This creates a remarkable work environment for everyone working on the latest project, but it also creates a remarkable finished product that clients rave about.

Following in their footsteps starts with taking a look at the competitors in your industry and figuring out what sets you apart. That’s the thing that will make your business truly remarkable.

On having a greater purpose

No brand stays afloat without a great product or service, but it takes much more than that to win the hearts of potential customers. In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to have a greater purpose. That means digging deep and thinking about how you want to change the world.

Megan Stanley didn’t necessarily open the dogma Education and Behaviour Centre with a greater purpose in mind. Instead, she was having a hard time finding a facility that could help her train and socialize her dog. Her business turned into a greater purpose when she realized she could help dogs be successful in our busy and chaotic world. Today, the business is just as much about educating people about dogs so they can have a better relationship with their furry friends as it is about actually training the dogs.

What about when it comes to providing a space for people to work? There doesn’t seem to be much of a higher purpose there. Don’t tell that to Work Nicer.

It’s true that Work Nicer provides a place for freelancers and entrepreneurs to work, but their space is about much more than providing a few desks and chairs. They believe you shouldn’t have to work by yourself even if you work for yourself.

This higher purpose means they take a different angle when it comes to providing a co-working space. They see it as a way to connect people who are on similar journeys, providing opportunities to collaborate along the way.

It doesn’t matter what it is you do, or what you have to offer, you can find a greater purpose for your brand that has the kind of values that people want to support.

How will you Market with Impact?

The question is, how will you Market with Impact? Focus on being remarkable like Fratello Coffee or Ryan Murphy Construction. Or, you can develop a greater purpose like dogma and Work Nicer. Or, maybe you want to try one of the other items on the list that will help you stand apart from others in your industry.

If you’re struggling to Market with Impact, contact BottomLine Marketing. We’re passionate about helping companies just like yours connect with customers on a deeper level by developing marketing strategies that really work.

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