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Real Life Lessons on What It Means to Market with Impact—Communicating Value and Having Attachable Qualities

How confident are you when it comes to your marketing strategies? Is it actually pulling in customers, or do you just feel like you’re spinning your wheels?

An even more important question is: How do you feel about your marketing strategy?

For most businesses, marketing is something you just have to do, and it’s a dull endeavor. It’s all about creating brochures and writing website content and buying online ads. The list goes on. But, if that’s what you’re focusing on, you’re missing the big picture.

You can actually enjoy marketing your business. The key is to Market with Impact.

In our last article, we shared a few remarkable businesses that have a greater purpose. Getting to the root of what makes you remarkable and understanding your purpose can help you Market with Impact, but knowing your business inside and out can also make marketing much more enjoyable.

Instead of marketing being about all the items you have to check off your list, it becomes a way for you to share your
company with the world. Impactful companies have a lot of great things to say about their business, which makes figuring out their marketing strategies a lot more fun.

Exactly what does it mean to be Impactful? There is a total of six ways to Market with Impact. They include:

  • Being remarkable
  • Having a greater purpose
  • Knowing your value
  • Having attachable qualities
  • Knowing the emotional quality of your brand
  • Having an immersive brand experience

This month we’re addressing the next two strategies that will take your marketing to the next level:

Communicating value and having attachable qualities.

On communicating value

What’s your value? You must have at least one to offer your customers. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be in business!

It’s all about making life easier or more enjoyable for many companies. That’s a good place to start, but if you really want to communicate your value, you’re going to have to do better than that. You’ll have to do what Alchemy Communications Inc. does.

It’s true that they’re a remarkable business, but they also understand there are many facets to good service. Kathryn Kolaczek, the owner of Alchemy Communications Inc., brings an amazing amount of value to her customers. It’s starts with all of the services she provides. From government relations to crisis communication, social media messaging, corporate communications, and beyond, if it has to do with PR, her company has it covered.

But, as we already mentioned, you have to go beyond making life easier or more enjoyable for your clients if you really want to communicate your value. Kathryn does this by creating larger conversations with her clients about the communities that matter to them. That makes their PR strategy even more relevant to their business, which is very valuable indeed.

If you read our last article, this next company will look familiar. Work Nicer was featured last month because they have a higher purpose that extends beyond the work space they provide to entrepreneurs and freelancers. Just like Kathryn of Alchemy Communications Inc., Alex Putici, the founder of Work Nicer, understands that a valuable company is one that offers many different things to their clients. For them, the other valuable aspect that they provide is the ability to collaborate with others.

Many entrepreneurs and freelancers work in a bubble. Even other co-working spaces are set up with individual work spaces in mind. Instead, Work Nicer offers boardrooms that are always available for meetings, communal bikes, and even unlimited beer to get the juices flowing.

Want to find your value? Go beyond the basics of what you have to offer and find true value for your customers that they won’t find anywhere else.

On having attachable qualities

Admittedly, some of the qualities on our list are a little easier than others to achieve. For example, many businesses find it easy to pinpoint their purpose, but they struggle with this next one—having attachable qualities.

The good news is, you don’t have to start over from scratch when searching for attachable qualities. You can piggyback off other concepts on our list, like Red Bloom Salon did.

They provide exceptional value to their customers, which is one of the items our list, but in doing so, they manage to exhibit attachable qualities too.

Instead of making their mission about providing the perfect haircut, and the perfect haircut only, they are passionate about paying attention to every detail. They actually listen to the needs of their clients during a consultation. They will recommend a different haircut, if the one they want will require too much maintenance, or if it isn’t a good fit for their hair type. To complete the experience, Red Bloom offers complementary services like hand and scalp massages, as well as hot towel treatments and makeup touch-ups.

In taking this approach, they show their clients just how much they care, not only about their haircut, but about their well-being after they leave the store. They are able to impart a sense of belonging because they go above and beyond to create personal connections with every person who walks through the door. Because clients feel like a member of the Red Bloom Salon family, they come back time and time again.

The key to determining the attachable qualities in your own business? Figure out how to create a sense of affection, connection, and passion with your brand by discovering what keeps your customers up and night.

How will you Market with Impact?

Marketing with Impact isn’t about hitting every single item on the list. It’s about figuring out which items are the best match and making them work for your business. It could mean you focus on the value you have to give your customers, like Alchemy Communications Inc., or you look for your brand’s attachable qualities, like Red Bloom Salon. No matter which ones you choose, we’re here to help you make them come to life.

We know what it takes to Market with Impact, and we love helping people find exactly what makes their business stand out in their industry. Just give us a call or fill out our online form below and we’ll schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.