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We all want to create impact with our marketing and even the smallest advantages can make a difference. Colour is one of those things that can give you an advantage, if you know where and how it can make a difference. Here’s the real skinny on colours:

  • There is no single colour that increases conversion rates
  • There is no colour that makes people buy more

In fact, colour preferences are really based on a person’s personality, they are impacted by cultural differences, and there are gender differences for colour preferences. Those things can persuade us to be more attracted to specific colours, but particular colours alone have very little effect on our behaviours.

Here are a few truths you CAN rely on when it comes to colour theory:

  • Men typically prefer bold and bright colours
  • Women usually choose softer colour palettes
  • Both genders prefer blue overall
  • The most disliked colours by both genders are orange, brown and yellow
  • People favour colour palettes with a highly contrasting accent colour

How can you use colour to impact your marketing?

First of all, the colours you choose for your brand really should match the “personality” of the brand. So if you have a rugged kind of brand, like Harley Davidson, you might choose browns, black or reds; but if your brand is sophisticated or glamorous, white, silver and gold might be more suitable. The colours should reflect the feeling you want to create with the brand.

If your brand is specific to one gender or the other, you will want to select colours that match their overall preferences. As mentioned above, men typically prefer bright and bold colours, whereas women gravitate to softer shades. Marketing a product coloured with pastels to a male audience is probably going to be doomed from the start, so keep that in mind when you are selecting colours for your brand or your marketing initiatives.

Finally, here is one thing you can do to get a leg up in your marketing: choose one “vivid” colour to stand out in your marketing ads. This is called the Isolation Effect. When one thing is radically different from everything else that surrounds it, it stands out. That makes it easier to remember.

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