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Not what you expect from your run-of-the-mill construction company

Even if you haven’t had an experience with a construction company before, you probably have a vision of what it would be like to work with a general contractor. Chances are, what you’d expect isn’t good, when it comes to the overall experience.

“This industry is plagued with biases and a notoriously poor image,” says Lara Murphy from Ryan Murphy Construction. “We wanted to change that perception.”

And they did it in a truly remarkable way.

A community-based model

Figuring out what makes a business remarkable isn’t always easy. That’s because so many businesses offer the same things as their competitors, and by highlighting those things they melt into the background.

Construction companies are no different. They typically focus on their years of experience, the fact that they are licensed and bonded, or if they are members of various construction associations.

To be truly remarkable in the construction space, outstanding workmanship and an unforgettable experience is a must. Which is exactly why Ryan Murphy Construction has enjoyed success since opening their doors in 2008.

“We wanted to establish a community-based model where we work on our relationships, not only with our clients, but also with architects, designers, and our trade partners.

Lara continues by saying, “I think one thing that sets us apart from other construction companies is that we will take the time and effort to work with our trade partners, help make them successful, meet their deadlines, and hold a certain quality standard. Our theory is, if they’re successful, we’ll be successful.”

This kind of community-based model makes the job site friendlier, and more constructive, which means the customer will get much more than they expected.

Not just Women in construction

It’s true that their community-based model of operating the business is what makes Ryan Murphy remarkable, but it isn’t the only thing that makes them different. The first time you call, browse their website or meet in person, you’ll see that the major stakeholders are all women.

In a male-dominated industry, Ryan Murphy provides a refreshing change of pace with a female point of view, but as Lara points out, it’s not about gender.

“There are stories of contractors coming in, banging their chests and saying, ‘This is my job site.’ It’s just not the way we roll, and it’s really not about being male or female. It’s all in your approach and the team effort.”

And that team effort is really working.

“The feedback we’ve received from a lot of our trade partners—that could be a sheet metal company a carpenter, or someone that polishes concrete—is that they all really like that approach and find it refreshing.”

Remarkable team, remarkable projects

With such a remarkable approach to fostering a team effort, it should come as no surprise that Ryan Murphy loves to take on extraordinary projects that are just as remarkable as they are. That means truly understanding which projects, and clients, really fit with their company goals and values.

“Deep down, we all know when a certain job’s not the right fit, or you have sort of a spidey sense that something is up, but it’s hard to say no. Sometimes there’s a better cohesiveness, and sometimes there’s not.”

By learning that it’s okay to say no to the projects that really don’t fit, Lara and her team have been able to deliver a level of service above and beyond what many people have come to expect from a construction company. This approach is definitely working for them.

“Our five-year growth is 801%. We’ve had a trajectory that’s been rather tremendous. We’re working on our processes, planning, and really getting down to the forensic details of what it is that makes us successful, which projects, and where we can expand.”

Continually looking to get better and better simply adds another area of remarkability that will ensure Ryan Murphy Construction will be around for a long time to come.

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