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When you hear the word “call centre”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many of us, we think of row upon row of cubicles, bright neon lighting and dozens and dozens of customer service agents speaking in monotone to frustrated callers.

That’s definitely NOT the case with SureCall, who are deliberately setting themselves apart by proudly calling themselves a “purpose-driven business process optimization company, that provides global services to SMEs and large corporations alike.” Based out of Calgary and Denver, the organization has been around for almost 40 years and can handle customer service, dive into BPO (Business Process Optimization) as well as emergency response calls for any operation that needs support 24/7.

One of the things that we loved about the SureCall team was their commitment to a higher purpose. Their mission statement says it all:

‘To delight our customers, to give back to the community and to take care of each other.’

The decision to be a purpose-driven organization has made a significant impact on their culture, and has allowed them to enable their team, engage new talent into their business, and bring new customers and clients into their fold.

SureCall is a certified B Corp that is committed to social responsibility through both their GoodCall program that supports non-profits, and through Hero Girls that works to help educate girls in underserved and developing countries.

The GoodCall initiative sees 2% off of their top line profits going to both local, national and international charity initiatives. This means that a piece of every call, every transaction and business item goes directly back to the community. The SureCall team sees their top line revenue commitment as not only a way to show how driven they are to give back, but it also serves as an attractive concept for new clients who are socially conscious about their spending.

Meanwhile their Hero Girls initiative was launched in October 2018, and in late 2019, members of the SureCall team traveled to a remote community in Nepal to visit a class of 100 girls who graduated thanks to the Hero Girl funding.

Recently our President Lisa Genovese sat down to talk to Desiree and Christine from SureCall to tell us how their “Tribe” is changing the face of Contact Centres.

If your business is looking to maximize your customer service experience, develop an omnichannel brand or optimize your business processes, the team at SureCall is ready to help.

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