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Tyler Cumberford and his colleagues at Factor One Marketing are wizards. At BottomLine, we don’t use that title lightly, but after collaborating with their team on several of our clients, our minds are continually blown by their expertise with Google along with their dedication to staying on top of the latest trends and features that the ad platform and search engine provides.

Recently our President Lisa Genovese had the opportunity to sit down with Tyler to talk about some of the latest features from Google that can help you to learn more about your customer base, and really target people to drive them to purchase, however it’s not quite as simple as you think.

As we tell all of our clients, the path to purchase is rarely linear, and Tyler has the Google data to prove it. He also breaks down how knowing your customer, from what they do for a living, to what they eat, to where they visit, to the things they watch on YouTube can help you reach them better, faster and easier.

Curious? We’re ALWAYS curious when we get a chance to talk with Tyler. Check out our latest conversation to learn about “digital fingerprints”, Google Ad Sequencing, and the one thing that every business needs to be doing on Google (bonus: that thing is FREE!).

BottomLine and the Factor One team have teamed up in the past to deliver unparalleled customer research, funnels, ad delivery and analytics to our customers. If you’d like to chat further with Tyler and the Factor One team, you can reach out to them here.

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