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The BottomLine team took a deep dive into the world of virtual and augmented reality this month. We’ve been curious about the possibilities that the technology holds, not just for entertainment, but for marketing, learning, business and day to day living.

Our entire crew had the pleasure of taking in presentations from two Calgary VR heavyweights: the creators at MAMMOTH XR and the virtual reality arcade upstarts VRKADE.

The team at MAMMOTH XR bill themselves as an island of misfit toys – an ensemble of creatives, futurists, explorers, and storytellers who love what we do. Their award-winning Virtual Reality development and Augmented Reality development studio creates world class XR experiences that educate, inspire, and entertain.

MAMMOTH XR has built startling activations for brands like Shell and the Calgary Flames, and our President Lisa Genovese took some time to talk to MAMMOTH XR’s Chief Experience Officer and Founder Matthew Wright about what they do, and the possibilities that exist for brands and marketers in the VR world.

Meanwhile, VRKADE has been rapidly expanding their brand through Western Canada, taking the old school arcade concept into the 21st century with gaming experiences that are incredibly lifelike and provide a wild experience for the entire family. They’ve also teamed with Stanford University to provide virtual field trips, where they can take students into incredibly immersive learning environments with a simple set of VR goggles.

Lisa spoke to VRKADE’s Marketing Director Brayden Clark about their offering and endless fun that their product brings.

Both brands are on the vanguard of the VR revolution and will be bringing big things to Western Canada in the near future. Do you know about an Evolutionary Leader that’s changing the game in technology and future-looking offerings? Let us know! Contact us today to share the next story.