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In a world filled with visual stimuli, it’s not enough for your brand to just stand out. Beyond that, it needs to make a lasting impression and inspire trust in your target customers.

Approximately 30% to 50% of our brains are in charge of processing visual information. And there’s no need to dive deep into neuroscience to know that when we see a red advertisement background with white letters and black details, we immediately crave the most famous refreshing cola in the world. The power of visuals has only increased in the Digital Era since we are always being targeted with multiple messages from various media sources. That’s why building a strong visual identity has become more vital than ever, allowing brands to drive customers from a discovery phase to generating long-term relationships based on loyalty.

First Impressions: Creating a Memorable Impact

When a potential customer encounters a new brand, seeing an established visual identity can make the difference between starting a discovery process or just disregarding it and moving on. The first few seconds of impression play a crucial role in shaping perceptions and determining if individuals will engage later. A visual identity that aligns with the purpose of your business and exists cohesively across your marketing ecosystem, creates a sensation of a well-established business, even if you are just getting started. Such a first impression communicates the effort and essence behind the brand, producing the initial seeds of trust.

Consideration and Decision: Guiding Customers To Action

Having facilitated the discovery phase, it’s time to demonstrate to potential customers that your visual branding is not only eye-catching but also functional. Besides having a balance in the communication between the values of the brand and the features and benefits of the product itself, versatility is key. A visual identity that is adaptable to multiple formats and can be intuitive for the user, guiding it through the brand features, will make it easier to convert leads into customers.

Trust and Long-term Impact: Cultivating Loyalty

Establishing a distinctive, cohesive, and functional visual branding strategy goes beyond capturing attention to cultivate trust and create a loyal and recurring customer base, by leaving a positive impression. According to HubSpot, a good visual identity enables an emotional connection that drives 57% of customers to increase their spending on a brand. This connection not only drives revenue growth but also inspires trust in consumers by producing a consistent sensation that makes brands reliable.

Turning Vision into Reality: Three Key Steps

To transform your brand into something truly memorable and impactful, a visual brand identity must complete these three fundamental steps:

  1. Captivate attention and create showstopper moments.
  2. Effectively communicate the brand’s core values and main features with versatility. 
  3. Leave a positive and enduring impression on customers.

Because everything starts with what catches your eye, but the real results of this visual experience can only be defined at BottomLine. Contact us, and let’s discuss how to create a powerful visual brand identity to elevate your business and drive long-term success!