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Your website is your presence online. It speaks for your company and everything you do. It’s a platform that can either draw customers in or chase them away. What does yours do?

If you want to set your website up for conversion, there are a few things you should look for in your web design:

Keep Choices to a Minimum

The more options you offer your potential customers, the more they have to think and the less likely they’ll arrive at a decision. So, on each page of your website, try to offer just one focused call to action. This also applies to your navigation menu. Avoid excessive drop downs and long lists to choose from.

Low Effort

Your click throughs, sign-up forms, and your checkout process should require little effort. For example, in your sign-up form, don’t ask for additional information about your customer like the company they work for and where they live, even if you would find this helpful. People may find it requires too much work to sign-up and they’ll click out instead. A simple first name and email address in your sign-up is plenty. Later, you can slowly get to know your customers and engage with them in other ways. 

Be Clear

Symbols are great, but they can be unclear. Some things have to be crystal clear on your website. For example, began with a shopping cart image and a plus sign for customers to add an item to the cart. However, this was too vague. When they changed the image to the words “add to cart,” conversions went up 49%.

There is so much more you can do to boost your conversion rates through great website design. Want to make your website work harder for you? Contact BottomLine Marketing for expert help in optimizing your website for conversion.

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