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What makes your company so special, uncommon and extraordinary that others can’t help but talk about it? What makes you remarkable is what helps you stand out from the competition. If you can communicate that special something that makes your company, product or service remarkable, others will notice, which is the ultimate goal.

How can you pinpoint exactly what it is that makes your company unique?

It may be obvious, or it may require some research to discover what makes you exceptional.

Here are some steps that might help you:

Check Out the Competition

If you do a comprehensive check through other companies in your industry, you’ll probably find a lot of similar advertisements, pictures, offers, etc. You can capitalize on this by creating something different. Identify what’s missing in your niche and leverage it. Then, it’s all about presentation. Showcase your remarkable quality in a unique way.

Here’s one example: Blendtec sells high-performance blenders. They showed just how powerful their blenders are by showcasing what they do best: blending. In short videos that quickly went viral, the company demonstrated just how sharp the blades are. But, they don’t blend fruit smoothies. Wooden boards, iPhones, car parts and more are featured in a series of “Will it Blend?” videos that have boosted sales by 700%.

Develop It

If you can’t find anything particularly remarkable about your product, consider going another route. Develop your own remarkable quality. Zappos is a company known for its extraordinary customer service. The fastest deliveries on the market for free, a cost-free return policy and the promise to order an out of stock product from a competitor are some of the ways Zappos stands out. This unique approach to customer service is what has helped grow their sales over $8 million in 9 years.

Now, go find what makes you remarkable!

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