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As we all know, many businesses engage in online marketing activities for their inbound marketing strategy. It’s no wonder direct mail has been hit hard over the past few years because of this sudden shift in marketing activities! However, this doesn’t mean that direct mail isn’t a very effective way to reach your customers. It’s really about your marketing initiatives and the results you want.

So, when should you use direct mail?

Before get into that, check out this pretty interesting statistic about direct mail. Studies have shown that customers aged 18-34 actually prefer receiving direct mail over e-newsletters. Interesting, right?

Now, back to the question at hand. When is it best to use direct mail? We believe the best time to use this method is when your marketing campaign is targeting a specific audience or geo-location. Let’s say you’re promoting a local event or an open house; that is the perfect time for direct mail!

With direct mail, aside from targeting based on geo-location, it is also possible to target certain demographics that are more difficult to reach online—like a particular household income, marital status, age, etc. Through renting lists that zero in on your target persona with laser-like focus, direct mail will help you reach your specific audience.

Direct mail can be extremely effective when it’s targeted appropriately.

Here at BottomLine Marketing, we really take time to study our clients’ needs before diving into a marketing campaign. If you’re unsure whether direct mail will work for you and your marketing needs, feel free to contact us at 403-464-7554 so we can help you!