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Facebook has come a long way since it was first launched ten years ago. Aside from changing how people communicate, it has become a powerful platform for businesses to reach their market.


Facebook has the BIGGEST user base among all social media platforms, boasting approximately 1.59 billion active users each month. No other platform has this much of an engaged user base! This is, as a marketing platform, a gold mine if you are running a niche business simply because the targeting is stellar. Imagine being able to put your business in front of the people that actually care about your products and services!

With Facebook Ads, you can create a very specific target market for your ads. You can determine the location of your target market, and the age demographic, their interests, their relationship status, and pages they like! See how targeted an ad can be?

By creating an ad that laser-focuses on a specific niche market, expect to have an increase in sales in no time!

But of course, just like any marketing campaign, you have to have a plan in place to ensure that your ad will be a success. Here are some ways you can increase sales through Facebook ads:

  1. Have a strategy. You have to make sure that the money you put into your Facebook ad will actually pay off. Determine how much you are willing to spend, how long you want to run your campaign, and what results you want to get.
  2. Know your target audience and create an ad for them. If you want a successful Facebook ad, then you have to get to know your market and ensure that the ad you create will target them specifically. It’s not as simple as choosing an age bracket or location, but more of an in-depth understanding of what their likes are, what their pain points are, what their needs are. By knowing all these things, you’ll know how better to serve your potential clients. If you know this, then you have better chances of getting them to buy your products.
  3. Write excellent copy. If you want your target market to click on your ad, then you have to make extra effort in designing an ad that stands out. Aside from its design, you have to write great copy. One that speaks to your target market!

Facebook Ads is are powerful when you do them right. If you’re not using them in your marketing yet, then you seriously have to consider starting very soon! If you need help on how to create the right Facebook Ads strategy for your niche business, give us a call so we can discuss on how BottomLine can help you!