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strategic planning session

Behind every good strategy are tough questions and honest answers. This session is the prelude to our research services where we get a real sense of what you are trying to achieve.



Research and data is fuel for business growth—and it’s these insights that get us out of bed in the morning. We gather all the facts needed to bridge the gap between your business and your customer.



Your online presence matters. From audit to action, we evaluate performance and prioritize engagement across your website and social channels.



We develop your go-to-market message and use that as the unifying force across all marketing efforts. We continuously measure and refine so you always know what’s working and what’s not.


Just because something worked for one brand doesn’t mean it’ll work for another.

We take the time to study and understand your business inside and out before pinpointing strategies that grab hold of market opportunities and empower your team to overcome challenges.


We learn the nuances of your business to execute a plan that makes sense.

We work alongside your team so everyone is focused on the same goals.

We’re data-driven by design.

We worked with BottomLine to understand our target audience. They did a great job identifying our buying personas and suggesting key elements for our branding and packaging to appeal to our target demographics.

They also helped us build our website, providing their insight and expertise to create a user-friendly experience for site visitors. They were able to materialize what we envisioned and always went above and beyond to ensure we were happy with the end product.

BottomLine was a key partner during the research, implementation, and execution for our new brand's marketing strategy. Thank you again BottomLine!

BottomLine always delivers beyond our expectations. Their team is highly skilled and creative, delivering top quality, fresh and innovative ideas and concepts that resonate with our audiences. They care deeply for their clients and that shines through in all interactions. They engage in a genuine way, always open and transparent about their process and recommendations. We can count on their team to deliver an exceptional campaign or product and we are never disappointed.
BottomLine values strong relationships. They are always available to respond to questions, easy to have open and honest conversations with, and turn projects around in a timely manner. We've enjoyed working with them for several years now as they are continuously innovating and adding new services to support client needs.

BottomLine's pricing is fair and their project management skills are top notch. BottomLine makes you feel like you're part of their family. They are great at making recommendations but also open to trying new things at the request of their clients. They are agile, responsive, and have worked with many big brands to elevate their marketing initiatives.

We'd recommend working with BottomLine as they have access to expertise in all marketing functions, they are innovative and put the client first. They have always made us feel like we are "more than just a client". BottomLine is a wonderful team with like-minded values.

Working with Bottomline was a very simple process - from being onboarded as a client, to execution of the project. They were flexible to the needs of our small business. I would recommend working with Lisa and her team.
We knew what we were going to build and what our customers were going to use it for, but we did not have a clear vision of who our customers were. The BottomLine team listened to us and created a plan that would lead us to everything (and more) that we needed. BottomLine came back to us with well defined customer groups and what motivated them, a deck of market intel about our targets, how customers will see our company and a detailed path to increase customer engagement. A major part of our market is expected to be repeat business from existing customers.
BL is real! We have built a great partnership with BottomLine and their dedication to excellence, professionalism and above all their transparency and exemplary communication level has greatly helped our brand's healthy growth. BL is also result oriented and very cautious about smart allocation of the budget which makes them a great fit for startups as well as the brands on their growth path.

Shendel Ruiz

Marketing Project Manager, (AOR) Advanced Orthomolecular Research

Debbie Hammond

Executive Director, Safer Roads Alliance

Lyndsay Barch

Director of Marketing, Verge Agriculture

Pina Romolo

President & CEO, Piccola Cucina

Phil Craine

Strategic Marketing, Vermillion Power Technologies

Ali Asghari

Founder and President, PilotsFriend West

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