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Check out how VERGE was able to create a new international brand for agriculture’s digital revolution.


Ag-tech powerhouse, Verge is changing the way farmers around the world approach their infield operations with their innovative agriculture technology. However, when Verge first came to BottomLine, they were not the internationally recognized brand that they are today. In fact, Verge wasn’t even their name. They came to us as a network connectivity solutions provider, ready to forge a major path into the digital agriculture market as they had just acquired a product called First Pass. At this point, they knew which direction they wanted their business to take, but needed our assistance in order to get there.


Our in-depth Impact Assessment unveiled critical information about their business and allowed us to clearly spot issues that had been stunting their growth. We found that the budding ag-tech company needed a major rebrand so that they could attract their target customers effectively in international markets. This meant helping them cultivate a strong presence that would not only distinguish their brand from others but also successfully communicate their message to global customers. Because they were a smaller Canadian company at the time, it was our job to ensure that they could approach worldwide prospects confidently.


After conducting our Impact Assessment, our team first suggested that all existing and future agricultural products should be under a whole new brand banner instead of the colocation company they were operating under at the time. In order to see this through, we decided to break the brand in two and initiate the branding process for Verge. This involved conversing with company stakeholders, conducting in-depth interviews and facilitating group activities to decode their business’s core values and ensure the new name and brand would best represent them.

Using our research-first approach, we poured countless hours into potential names, helped clarify their unique selling point, defined their specific target market and relevant channels, determine brand positioning and much more. We also conducted a competitive analysis that included mystery shopping and international market trend research. Based on this information, we then created customer blueprints and psychological profiles to match. After many collaborative conversations, Verge was finally unearthed. A new agricultural brand to take their innovative products to market by storm.

In addition to a new brand banner, Verge needed a compelling visual identity to suit both their parent brand and products. Our creative team then developed a strategic content marketing plan that comprised of social channel creation, production of marketing videos, website creation, sales sheets and whitepapers, trade show booth assets, truck wraps and several other creative assets to ensure they were, indeed, making noise in the ag-tech world.


Starting out as a small business from Saskatchewan, Canada, even a forward-thinking company such as Verge could not have predicted the impact that they would have on farming and agricultural communities around the world. Through BottomLine’s efforts and expert guidance, Verge gained significant brand awareness and was able to successfully achieve international growth even during a global pandemic.

Their initial software solution called First Pass has since been replaced by Launch Pad – the world’s first interactive software tool that helps farmers run more sustainable and profitable operations. Today Launch Pad’s technology is setting new records for efficiency and performance in the agricultural industry across the world.

Verge is now a worldwide player in the digital agriculture space with markets in a number of countries and continents including Europe, Australia and South America. With the help of BottomLine’s Impact Assessment and branding strategies, Verge has gained multi-million dollar supercluster funding as well. Our team at BottomLine couldn’t be happier with the international expansion and evolution of Verge.